Personal Self Defense and Survival Training (PSD&S)

  This is a one day/ 8 hour class.

This training is for  CCW Holders and those with a knowledge base and excellent grasp of handgun safety.

Requirements for training:

  • pistol or revolver
  • 3 magazines or speed loaders
  • holster (strong side OWB) no shoulder or cross draw
  • concealment garment ( shirt, jacket)
  • hat, cap or visor (keep sun and hair out of eyes)
  • eyes and ears
  • boots or gym shoes ( NO sandals NO flip flops)
  • 300 rounds of factory ammo NO RELOADS
  • lunch, snacks, H2O ( food shack available to purchase lunch on site)

PSD&S (Personal Self Defense & Survival training- $250.00 . This 8 hour course offered in conjunction with Str8 Shot Gun Safety & PSD&S Elite Training Group.    Information on where to send application is at bottom of Application page.

Applicant for PSD&S Level 2 Training

Name: ______________________________________________

Date of birth: (month/date/year)_________________                                                                             Mailing Address:_______________________City____________State_______Zip______

  Email: ______________________        Cell Phone# (      ) _____ – ________

FOID card number (Illinois residents): ______________________

Have you ever had your FOID revoked or suspended?  Y or N  Circle one. If yes explain;__________ ____________________________________________________________

Have you ever been convicted or charged with any crimes that would prohibit you from handling firearms?    Y or N  Circle one

Have you ever served in the Military? Y or N  Circle one.  What Branch & MOS?__________________

Were you deployed to a combat zone?  Y or N  Circle one    Where & When? ________________

Current Status, (Circle one)  Active Duty or Reserve or NG, Retired? Type of Discharge; ________

Are you now or have you ever been a Police Officer?

What department? ______________________ # of years served? _______           What special training have you completed? ___________________________________

Civilian training courses Taken? Y or N  Circle one What courses?__________________

Do you want to Pre-order Ammo and have it delivered to the Range for this course?   Y or  N

PSD&S Training Course Date you are applying for: _______________


Return Application to: Print and Fill out this form & send a copy or Picture of the form to…

PSD&S Elite Training Group   Email:  or  SMS/Text: (708) 205-2975

Send us your application and we will send you an email with details & instructions. All  training course fees are required to be paid 2 weeks in advance of the date of your training.