FULL 2 day (16 hour) Illinois Conceal Carry – $200
Husband and Wife pricing – $185.00 each  Our first day (8 hours) is NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting, second day( 8 hours) is Illinois laws

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting, Instructor Led FULL version (8 HOUR) safety class   – $125.00 age 18-21: can attend w/o restriction if GRADUATED high school.   Ages 9 – 17:  untrained parent must take training also,  trained parent must sit in with child. Ages 9 – 17 limited to use of .22 during live fire training.

 State and Federal Laws 8 hours Conceal Carry (Day 2) – $100.00, $90.00 for our Vets!    — Conceal Carry Renewal students may also come to just our Day 2 Illinois Law training to receive 3 hour training but must stay for entire session to earn 3 hr certificate- $50.00

Illinois 3 hour Conceal Carry Re Certification training-  $50.00

STR8 HOLSTER TRAINING- $75.00  Training will be a 3 hour hands on LIVE draw from YOUR Conceal Carry position/condition. Class will be open to Valid Conceal Carry cardholders ONLY. No more than 8 students per session with two instructors.

NRA BASICS OF SHOTGUN SHOOTING-INSTRUCTOR LED- $125.00 –  Use of our Adult or Youth .20 gauge shotgun available but MUST PURCHASE BOX OF 25 RD AMMUNITION FROM US!

NRA Blended Phase II Basics of Pistol Shooting  – $100.00 w/own handgun & ammo   $125.00 w/ ours (Online Phase I + Instructor Phase II = 8 hrs)

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting and Blended students will also need to register for:   Day 2 State and Federal Laws 8 hr session – $100.00, in order to receive Illinois Conceal Carry License

Along with the following state guidelines for Conceal Carry training, at Str8 Shot you will receive additional hands on training and shoot BOTH days.                     DSC03478

ILLINOIS 16-HOUR CONCEAL CARRY CURRICULUM         Initial Firearms Curriculum consists of in-person instruction and cover the requirements listed below.
1. Firearm safety
______ a. 4 basic firearm handling safety rules
______ b. Home storage
______ c. Vehicle storage
______ d. Other storage, such as, storage at public and private agencies
2. Basic principles of marksmanship
______ a. Stance
______ b. Grip
______ c. Sight Alignment
______ d. Sight Picture
______ e. Trigger Control
3. Care, cleaning, loading, and unloading of a concealable firearm
______ a. Gun identification: revolver, semi-automatic, misc.
______ b. Ammunition identification and selection
______ c. Safety and cleaning protocols
______ d. Cleaning equipment
______ e. Loading and unloading
4. All applicable State and Federal laws relating to the ownership, storage, carry, and transportation of a firearm
______ a. The Act relating to the ownership, storage, carry and transportation of a firearm
1)  instruction on the appropriate and lawful
interaction with law enforcement while transporting or carrying a concealed firearm.
2)  instruction on prohibited areas and the parking
lot exception.
______ b. The FOID Act .
______ c. Relevant portions of the ILCS including but not limited to
1)  Use of force in defense of a person**
2)  Use of force in defense of dwelling**
3)  Use of force in defense of other property**
4)  Unlawful Use of Weapons**
** Must define dwelling, aggressor, forcible felony and unlawful use of weapons pursuant to the ILCS.
5. Weapon Handling
______ a. Handgun fundamentals
______ b. Handgun concealment
______ c. Live fire qualification instruction
______ d. Live fire qualification with a concealable firearm consisting of minimum of 30 rounds which must include 10 rounds from a distance of 5 yards; 10 rounds from a distance of 7 yards; and 10 rounds from a distance of 10 yards at a B-27 silhouette target approved by the Illinois State Police.