Day 1 – NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting, Instructor Led

Day 1 –  NRA Basics of  Pistol Shooting, Instructor Led, FULL version- $125 ( stand alone 8 hours)

(if combined with Day 2 IL Conceal Carry Training price for 16 hours- $200 total)

Course Goal

“To teach the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and using a pistol safely.”

  1. Firearms Safety Instruction
  2. Basic Principles of Marksmanship Instruction (Classroom and Range Instruction)
  3. Care, Cleaning, and Unloading of a Concealable Firearm Instruction

* Class handguns and ammo included.  .22, .38, .45

 This training is also a stand alone course which can be taken by mature teenagers and those wishing to obtain basic knowledge of handguns without obtaining CCW licensing.  This is an NRA Certified course.  Our instructors will be teaching you the FULL COURSE VERSION.  You will also receive a Basics of Pistol Shooting text book and NRA Certificate of Training.

 age 18-21: can attend w/o restriction if GRADUATED high school.   Ages 9 – 17:  untrained parent must take training also,  trained parent must sit in with child. Ages 9 – 17 limited to use of .22 during live fire training.

This course can be taken as an online course.  NRA Blended, Basics of Pistol Shooting.       Pricing breakdown;       $60.00 registration fee to NRA, coursework done at home at your leisure.  $100.00 training fee to Str8Shot, hands-on shooting and completion of training  using your own handgun and ammunition. $125.00 if using our firearm.