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Mission StatementBulletHole

  • Attitude, Safety, and Personal Protection
  • We achieve this goal with a class ratio of FOUR students to ONE instructor



July 13/14 Conceal Carry Training and July 8 Re certification Training will be held as scheduled! All services regarding your application process will continue! Annie will keep monitoring all students waiting to file applications or that are Under Review. Please continue to call with questions/concerns about your applications- Annie 815-228-9840.

A big Thank you to all our patrons for your support! We are strategically weighing our options! Firearm sales have not been affected! Call/email Jerry 815-228-1292

Str8 Shot Gun Safety encourages EVERYONE interested in Handgun/CCW Instruction to research before they commit!  There are many different types of training and many different prices.    Ask questions of your contact person such as; 

  • How much is the cost of training?
  • How many will be in class?
  • What is Instructor/student ratio?
  • How much shooting will I do?
  • Where will I be shooting?
  • Do I need my own handgun, ammo and equipment?
  • Do I pay additional for range, ammo and handgun/equipment rental?
  • Do I get a lunch break?
  • Can I come and discuss things in person prior to commitment?

Ask yourself; 

  • What am I looking for?
  • Am I an avid shooter, beginner or in- between? 
  • Do I want a piece of paper or hands on training? 
  • Am I going to complete training and feel competent shooting?

Str8 Shot will give you Hands-On training that will continue or end with your conceal carry permit.  Along with your Illinois requirements we go the extra step for you to receive your NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Certificate.  This certificate never expires, follows you to any state and is the foundation for NRA pistol safety training. Our Instructors are ALL NRA certified and we practice it!  Our instructors are available for continued practice at our range and any other firearm concerns you may have.

Your Instructors:

Jerry Sommer:

Owner/Instructor, Illinois State Police Certified, NRA Certified, Range Safety Officer,           NRA Life Member, ISRA Member

Mandi Sommer :

Senior Instructor, Illinois State Police Certified, NRA Certified, Range Safety Officer,             NRA Member

Jacolynn Sommer:

Sales/Instructor, Illinois State Police Certified, NRA Certified, Range Safety Officer,                      NRA Member

___Anita Metzen_:

Instructor, NRA Certified, Range Safety Officer   NRA Member

Training available & pricing (does not include state fees)

3HR Illinois Conceal Carry Re Certification – $50.00

Day 1 –  NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting, Instructor Led – $125.00

Day 2 – State and Federal Regs and practical qualification – $100.00

TWO Day Package – 16 Hour IL Conceal Carry $200.00    (Day 1 & Day 2 on same weekend)

Husband & Wife TWO Day Package – $185.00 each

Day 2 Veteran – $90.00

Advanced Pistol/Personal Self Defense & Survival training –  8 hour intermediate training – $250.00

NRA Blended Phase II – $100.00 with own handgun & ammo  $125.00 with ours

NRA Blended  Phase II students will also need to register for:   Day 2 State and Federal Laws 8 hr session – $100.00, in order to receive Illinois Conceal Carry License.

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